An Ode For My Asean and Japan Friends

"An Ode for my Asean and Japan Friends"

Once upon a time
There was a boat with 11 people stranded inside
They were strangers to each other
They came from different world, different sights and different stereotype.

They had no idea where the boat would take them to
They had no option but to learn enjoy the sailing day by day
They had no amusement but to start talking each other , heart to heart

As many days go by and many miles has been sailed away
The 11 strangers has learned each other
Although they come from different world, they have many things in common

As they get to know heart by heart,
They don’t feel strangers each other anymore
They eventually find a horizon where the boat leads them to

The boat leads them to a land call Humanity Land
They came as strangers but left as Good Friends
But the boat keep sailing in their heart…it’s the boat called F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

*a poem inspired from #JapanAseanResidencyWritersProgram2017
October, 2017

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